Learn the basics.

Find answers to questions like: 

  • What is the best way to hold a knife?
  • How to best  chop an onion?
  • Is it really important to preheat a pan? 


Expand your repertoire

Are you ready to add new recipes and techniques to your standard fare?  Maybe Thai or Mediterranean? It's easier than you think.


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At Cook Happy I believe that the best way to stay healthy and connected to your food is to prepare meals at home.  The meals do not have to be fancy or particularly hard to make. I teach how to prepare foods from fresh ingredients and made with care.

I offer classes for children, teens and adults.  Everyone eats so everyone should know how to cook!

Cook often, cook happy!



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Kale Salad with apples and pomegranate molasses dressing 

This is a great salad to accompany soup or stew.


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Mise en place

Is french for "put into place", learn how to prepare meals orderly and using your time and space most efficiently. 

Pizza in the house!

How much fun would it be to make pizza at home?  It is not as hard as you may think, as with everything else, it just takes practice.

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cooking can be as fun as eating: take a lesson and cook happy!

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